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To run a successful business, your company requires a dedicated website.

  • To move with the times, the websites must be easily accessed using handheld devices?

It needs experienced and professional web designers to develop mobile-tailored websites.


On a mobile phone, websites designed for a full size desktop web browser suck.

  • Using top-level browsers, which are able to zoom in and out, you actually have to move around the web page as using a magnifying glass.

"There's something almost luxurious about the sleek, pared down mobile version, where everything just fits on the screen and feels like it's been designed to be viewed that way."


You need two types of user interfaces for your website:

  • one tailored for desktop/laptop computers, and
  • the other tailored for mobile phones.


We can develop full website that perfectly fits desktop computers and handheld devices

We can use step-by-step approach, starting with small packages and growing up the web site by adding new features. For example:

  • first creating a full size website for desktop,
  • then creating a small size website for mobile phones,
  • then adding step-by-step new features as your demands are growing.

Our Designs Facilitate

  • User-Centered Websites
  • Interactive Information Sharing
  • Rich Internet Applications (RIA)

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WEBestSOL builds the WEB that works for everyone

We make your websites mobile phone friendly

We drive traffic to your business through all devices:
desktops, laptops, mobile, and handheld devices

Web Design and Mobile Devices

WEBestSOL, which means "WEB is the SUN" is the acronym for Webest Solutions Ltd. It is a professional web design and development company offering bespoke design for professional, corporate, and personal websites of all sizes and across all markets. We develop highly professional and functional websites, which work for corporate like business card, and reflect the company image.

To move with the times, the websites, corporate or personal, must be optimized for the smaller-screen formats, be highly scalable, which allow people to surf the web on the go using handheld devices. Sure, websites should yet be fully featured and perfect on full screen size devices. Our website designs offer two types of different human interfaces: for small and full size interfaces.

Accessing mobile-tailored website on a mobile phone just feels right.

We are focusing on functional and mobile-tailored websites suitable for handheld devices and full screens size desk and laptop computers.

We develop websites that facilitate interactive information sharing and user-centered designs (Web 2.0 platform). As a design approach, we exploit Semantic Markup using powerful design techniques such as (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and other coding tools and languages that facilitate fully scalable and Rich Internet Application (RIA) designs.

We have embraced the most advance technology using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery for developing platform independent websites.

Switching to mobile devices

Today, websites must be easily accessed using mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android based, and many more smart mobile phones). Websites are environments where people are living and working; websites must be accessible on the go. People are switching from laptops to mobile devices.

If you are for example a restaurant owner, it is important that people can find your website, read your menu and book a table using mobile phone rather than laptop. It is particularly important if your restaurant locates in tourist area.

Need for re-designing of websites

In the near future, the mobile phones will overtake PCs as the primary computing and Internet accessing devices used by customers and employees. This turn needs re-designing of websites and portals for access from mobile devices.

"Websites not optimized for the smaller-screen formats will become a market barrier for their owners," claims analyst firm Gartner. "Much content and many sites will need to be reformatted/rebuilt."

Websites should be optimized for the smaller-screen formats. Web-based applications and websites must offer support for small-form-factor mobile devices. Commonly accessed information and resources should not be positioned more than "three clicks away" for the Mobile Web user.

Difference between desktop and mobile website

There will be a greater need to provide mobile website versions that are specifically tailored to mobile devices.

To understand, how different are websites for different devices, compare for example the BBC website for desktop/laptop computers at and BBC website for mobile devices at

In general, as in a case of BBC, you actually need two types of websites: one tailored for desktop/laptop computers and the other tailored for mobile devices.

WEBestSOL design methods

WEBestSOL uses different design methods to develop website.

  • We develop Semantic Markup for complex websites, using powerful design techniques such as (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other coding tools and languages that facilitates fully scalable designs.
  • We use visual design tools (or WYSIWYG design tools) for developing small and low-cost websites, which allow time and cost efficient design, but which not always provide scalable designs needed for mobile devices.
  • Quite often, the desktop website and mobile websites must have different designs, contents, and navigation techniques.
More about Web design methods


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The last decade was laptops and cable Internet era. The current decade moves users away from bulky machines to the mobile web, toward portable devices that allow you to surf the web on the go.

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"The extensive report found that mobile Internet - browsing the web from your handheld device - is ramping up faster than the desktop Internet did a decade ago, ... " Times.

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It is predicted that smartphones will out-ship the global PC market (notebook and netbook and desktop) by 2012. Morgan Stanley group.