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We can develop full website that perfectly fits desktop computers and handheld devices

We can use step-by-step approach, starting with small packages and growing up the web site by adding new features. For example:

  • first creating a full size website for desktop,
  • then creating a small size website for mobile devices,
  • then adding step-by-step new features as your demands are growing.


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If you are looking for WEB design and development or WEB hosting, please fill out the form below and send your inquiry to WEBestSOL. We will contact you in 48 h.

If you have any questions or problems, don't hesitate to contact us using simple contact form.

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  • In partnership with CardSave, we provide reliable and secure merchant services

  • Simple to connect, low cost payment provider; CardSave easily integrates with WEB est SOL websites.

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The last decade was laptops and cable Internet era. The current decade moves users away from bulky machines to the mobile web, toward portable devices that allow you to surf the web on the go.

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"The extensive report found that mobile Internet - browsing the web from your handheld device - is ramping up faster than the desktop Internet did a decade ago, ... " Times.

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It is predicted that smartphones will out-ship the global PC market (notebook and netbook and desktop) by 2012. Morgan Stanley group.