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To run a successful business, your company requires a dedicated website.

  • To move with the times, the websites must be easily accessed using handheld devices?

It needs experienced and professional web designers to develop mobile-tailored websites.


On a mobile phone, websites designed for a full size desktop web browser suck.

  • Using top-level browsers, which are able to zoom in and out, you actually have to move around the web page as using a magnifying glass.

"There's something almost luxurious about the sleek, pared down mobile version, where everything just fits on the screen and feels like it's been designed to be viewed that way."


You need two types of user interfaces for your website:

  • one tailored for desktop/laptop computers, and
  • the other tailored for mobile phones.


We can develop full website that perfectly fits desktop computers and handheld devices

We can use step-by-step approach, starting with small packages and growing up the web site by adding new features. For example:

  • first creating a full size website for desktop,
  • then creating a small size website for mobile phones,
  • then adding step-by-step new features as your demands are growing.

Our Designs Facilitate

  • User-Centered Websites
  • Interactive Information Sharing
  • Rich Internet Applications (RIA)

Web and the future

Web is not anymore a simple static page in internet, accessed by desktop computer. It is an environment where people are living and working, and accessing on a move.