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We offer

Bespoke website design and development

Private, personal, business and corporate website design and development.
From couple of pages up to several hundred pages.

Mobile computing solutions

Professional mobile-tailored website design

We design or re-design your website for the smaller-screen formats used by mobile devices

Ecommerce website design

Online Shops, Shopping, Credit Card Payments

Web hosting and domain name registration

Content management systems - CMS

You can update your web site yourself

Cloud computing solutions

Move existing services and applications to the private cloud

Context Aware Computing

The awareness of your location is increasingly important

Web Design and Development

Types of websites

On the Website you can talk about your life, write stories about your family and tales about their hobby. You can use your personal websites to inform, update, and share information with friends, family and those with similar interests.

A company can use the Website as an advertising channel of his products and services, and as an excellent online shop for sales. The corporate Website must be highly professional, work like business card, and reflect the company image and solutions.

Today, if you want to move with the times, your Website, personal or corporate, needs to have optimized for the smaller-screen formats, be highly scalable, which allow people to surf the web on the go using mobile devices.

Commercial website must be functional, not necessarily very attractive with Flash etc. particularly for mobile devices.

Below is a list of some basic types of websites we are developing. This list serves as an example and the websites are actually not limited to these.

Every website consists in general of two types of pages: a) general pages that contain most important and common information to all websites, and b) specific pages that reflect the particular content inherent only to your business and website.

Mobile Platform, Gartner

Enterprises should assume that every worker their IT department supports will become more mobile in the next three months. The shift to a mobile-centric way of accessing the web is also forcing a fundamental reconsideration of business-to-consumer communications strategies, as consumers become increasingly comfortable accessing retail information or business services, like banking, from their mobile devices.

The RIM BlackBerry is the most popular smartphone in the US, offering the greatest number of potential mobile application users. But iPhone consumers are the most compulsive adopters of mobile apps,... On the other hand, the iPhone’s position is under attack. Until recently the second-ranked platform in the US, it has just been unseated by Android, the newest OS, which is selling at a faster pace these days. Android users will likely represent compulsive application users too, ...

Why does good design on a mobile matter?

On a mobile phone, websites designed for a full size desktop web browser suck.

Using top-level mobile browsers, which are able to zoom in and out of portions of pages, you actually have to move around the web page as using a magnifying glass. Thus, even using top-level browsers, browsing full-size web sites on mobile phones is more hassle than using the mobile-tailored websites, which perfectly fit to the small screen.

"There's something almost luxurious about the sleek, pared down mobile version, where everything just fits on the screen and feels like it's been designed to be viewed that way." mobiForge.

Accessing mobile-tailored sites on a phone just feels right.

You need two types of user interfaces for your website:

  • one tailored for desktop/laptop computers, and
  • the other tailored for mobile devices.


  • A 50% deposit will be paid by the client to the Webest Solution Ltd before we start to work.
  • All prices are VAT exclusive.

There are three payment methods:

  • Bank Transfer, BACS
  • Credit / Debit Card payment over Internet using PayPal, you must not have PayPal account.
    Most Credit Cards are accepted: * MasterCard * Maestro * Visa * Visa Electron * American Express * Solo * Bank Funding
  • Cheque Payment

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Mobile applications will be used inside companies. Many now expect much more information to be accessible at any time.

web and mobile computing

"...that might mean, for instance, a news feed tailored to you, detailing whatever data is most important to your job, updated in real time. It might also include where your colleagues are." Telegraph.

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"PriceWaterhouse Coopers has launched a mobile-based employee engagement tool around ‘what I would like to change’, and Morgan Stanley use it to send key market audio updates to all employees by 10am each morning. 2010 is the year of ‘business goes mobile’." Tigerspike.